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At last!! What we have all been waiting for!! You can now bring all those things you have been craving for from Zimbabwe. For a list of things you can bring please see list. Our prices are less than half the price charged by DHL (feel free to compare) Your relative or friend can bring the parcel to our office or we can buy the item for you. Min 5kg. We will deliver parcels to all towns in the UK. Delivery $15.00 within the UK. (We are offering free delivery during the month of August.) Parcels from outside Harare can be sent to us using Courier Connect at any post office. For more details and for all inquiries please contact our Harare office on 00 263 77 3010 638 or 00 263 4 575770 or send an email.
Charges will not include customs duty. If your parcel attracts duty you will be advised before sending it and payment will be required before parcel is delivered. For our rates please click on rates. Rates will be charged based on Actual vs Volume weight whichever is highest. To start with the minimum to send will be 5kg but this will be reduced in future when volumes increase.
Payment is required before your parcel leaves Zimbabwe

Drop Off Address in Zimbabwe:
In Harare your parcel can be dropped off at our office.
00 263 77 3010 638
00263 4-575770

Freight frequency
Initially we will bring parcels from Zimbabwe once every  week. Please call OUR Harare office to find out when the next shipment will be leaving Zimbabwe so that we can receive your parcel in time. Delivery time 5 – 7 working days.
Urgent parcels & Documents: Can be sent any time and will take 4-5 days but different charges will apply.

Delivery in the UK
In Leicester parcels can be collected from our offices in town.
Outside Leicester parcels will be delivered to door


The Transportation Security Administration requires that all cargo transported via commercial airlines be screened. To facilitate this screening, we are required to have the shipper’s written authorization on file, allowing the screening to take place. The completion of our airway bill by the shipper or on their behalf by Coedma Freight  International Ltd constitutes such authorization.

The following are services provided and restrictions applied by Coedma Freight  International Ltd

Packages can be shipped to your Coedma Freight  International Ltd addresses via
• Any Postal Service
• Domestic or Courier Services
• Hand or personal delivery

Package Examples
• CD’s, Books, Clothes
• Catalogue / Mail order merchandise
• Parts and replacements
• Product samples
• Retail Purchases
• Electronic Items, Computers, Accessories, etc…
Restricted Commodities
• Hazardous materials, cash, perishables, negotiable securities, animal skins, firearms, aerosol cans, perfumes etc.

Weight and Package Information
• Dimensional weight or actual weight (whichever is greater) may be charged for air freight.
• Dimensional weight calculations (air freight) (measurements must be in cm) [Length x Width x Height) / 6000]
• Dimensional weight calculations (se freight) (measurements must be in cm) [Length x Width x Height) / 4000]
• Maximum suggested weight (air freight) is 30kg per piece (unlimited pieces)
• C.O.D. shipments will be refused
• Alfa Freight is not liable for damage or loss of items while handled by overseas Postal and Courier authorities
• Persons may share the service, however ALL names MUST be given/entered into the client information.
• The primary account holder will be responsible for all charges and delivery will be made to only one address.

Dutiable Shipments
• A commercial invoice (or any invoice), regardless of the value must accompany all non-document shipments. A delay may occur, pending receipt of proper documentation.
• Customer’s shipments consisting of books, CD’s, clothes, documents etc., will be cleared automatically as “Non Trade”, unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.
• Customs & Excise request that a “Formal Entry” be done for “Trade” shipments that are “Dutiable”; therefore you will receive the necessary documentation for clearance in these instances.
• Alfa Freight can assist in the preparation and lodging of “Formal Entries”, should you so require.
• Duty paid on “Non-Trade” shipments (on your behalf) is C.O.D. ONLY.
• A Service Fee may be charged for clearance of dutiable items that incur Duties, Consumption Tax, and/or Customs Service Charges.
‘Non Trade’ shipments are packages imported for personal use.

‘Trade’ shipments are packages imported for commercial use and/or for which their value exceeds the legal limit for ‘Non Trade’