Good news: We now have a safe and secure way of sending sea freight to Zimbabwe via Durban. We are now using sealed containers and the seal will only be broken when the container arrives in Harare.
Booking a collection:
Download a SEA FREIGHT BOOKING FORM from the home page on our website For inquiry only use the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Frequency: Every two weeks
Transit Time: Allow 42days
Collection: Any day Monday to Friday
Insurance: Available on request.
Minimum weight: 50kg or 1cbm

Shipping Charges (Sea Freight only)
Drums (Plastic 200/220lt) height up to 1m (see image below): = £295.00
Drums (Metal 200/220lt) height up to 1m = £350.00
Boxes & Suitcases and all other flat packed items: = £5.00 /kg
Please note payment is in full before goods leave or in two instalments: 75% deposit before goods leave and the rest before goods arrive.

Collection charges (Sea Freight only)
Drum Plastic: = £35.00 per drum (payable before collection) non refundable
Drum Metal: = £50.00 per drum (payable before collection) non refundable
Boxes & Suitcases: £20.00 for the first box and £10 for every other box

A typed list of all items in one drum/box/suitcase etc, including total value. So please take note of every item as you pack.

All hazardous goods are prohibited!! i.e. Explosives, Gases, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Oxidizing Substances, Toxic & Infectious Substances, Radioactive Material and Corrosives. Also see our website for a detailed list. If in doubt please ask!!!!! A detailed list of hazardous goods can also be found on our website.