WE DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU (Whether from the United Kingdom or from Japan)

We specialise in Shipping and clearing vehicles through Namibia into Zimbabwe and from Japan to Zimbabwe. We handle, ship and clear cars, trucks, vans, buses regularly every month. Shipping from the UK to Zimbabwe via Namibia and from Japan is what we do best.

To get a quote please use our Vehicle Booking Form: CLICK HERE TO START

Our competitive prices make us the preferred shipping company for returning residents to Zimbabwe, migrant workers, government departments companies and individuals in Zimbabwe who want their vehicles shipped from UK. We have regular and scheduled departure times from most UK and Japanese ports.

We have the best understanding of Zimbabwean Customs regulations so that you do not have to worry. We will help you clear your vehicle.

Once you have bought your car we take over and do everything for you.
•We collect your vehicle,
•Deliver it to UK / Japanese port,
•Clear it in Namibia / Beitbridge,
•Transport it from Walvis Bay to Plumtree or from Durban to Beitbridge ,
•Help you customs clear it
•Deliver it to door.

Please call us on (00 263 77 3010 638) or email your request to coedmafreight@outlook.com for :
•Booking Form
•More detailed information about shipping and clearing cars into Zimbabwe.

Please note that all vehicles are shipped without insurance. You need to get your own insurance. Contact our office for support on how to get your car insured.

 Please note:

• Strictly no Luggage permitted inside your vehicle (as directed by Namibia Port Authorities).
• *You can insure your vehicle from port of entry – let us know if you require this service for a quote.
• Collection and shipping charges will be paid in £ while transportation from Namibia, customs duty and delivery charges will be paid in $ in Zimbabwe.
• Online quotations do not include additional charges such as Shipping Line handling, customs or storage fees, import duties or VAT (if any) at the destination port. You will be advised of these before you confirm your booking.
• Your quotation is valid for 7 days only and is subject to space availability on the vessel of your chosen destination.
• Prices are subject to change without prior warning.
• Delivery time for  Door to port vary depending on destination, please check with our Customer Service Team on 00 44 7875014798.
• Vehicle will not be shipped until full payment is made.
• Delays in payment will attract storage charges
A cancellation fee of £35.00 or 50% which ever is the greatest will be applied once the booking has been confirmed and then cancelled. Cancellation must be made 24 hrs prior to collection. If Shipments are under paid i.e. the Volumetric weight is greater than entered on our booking form your card will be billed for the outstanding balance and your shipment will not be sent before payment has been received in full.

Cargo must be drive-able with fully operative brakes and steering and enough fuel to enable unit to be driven on/off vessels If cargo requires towing on board, cargo must have a suitable tow-bar / hitch.
Cargo must be marked with name of consignee, cargo description & ID and destination.
Subject vessel, sailing schedule, space and equipment availability Except by prior arrangement, documents will only be released against cleared funds.