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We aim to deliver
For your urgent time-sensitive shipments.
For the most economical way for bulk shipping
Our service is second to none
For all your online purchases (Personal and Commercial)
Try us and you will not regret

Coedma Freight Int. Ltd

We are a UK based company located in Leicester. As a leading freight forwarding service in the UK, you can be certain that your goods will be in the safest of hands With Coedma Freight. No matter which destination you’re looking to have your goods transported to, we can help.

Booking Collection

Boxes not more than 30kg each Please click on link below to complete your booking for a collection. Click SUBMIT when done.
Then send us a message/whatsapp confirming date of collection.

Delivery Options

You can deliver your parcel to us in person or use a courier. If using a courier do not forget to address it to yourself (see freight charges for how to write address on parcel)
We can also collect parcels from you ((see freight charges for collection charges)

Air Freight

For your urgent time-sensitive shipments.

Sea Freight

For the most economical way for bulk shipping.

Internet Buying

For all your online purchases (personal and commercial)

Terms & Conditions

Typical Hazard Goods

Animals & Animal Products. Body Parts. Bullion Dish Washers. Replica Firearms / Guns. Fridges and Freezers. Illegal Drugs. Knives. Mattresses. Lab & Medical Samples. Money. Loose Furniture Ovens Personal Data Perishable Foodstuffs. Pornography. Precious Metals. Printer Ink. Stamps. Televisions.Tobacco. Tumble Dryers. Washing Machines.

Alcohol & Champagne. Credit or Debit Cards. Jewellery & Watches. Mobile Phones/Devices. Passport.

Adhesives. Aerosols. Air Bags for Cars. Ammunition & Guns. Batteries. Camping Stoves. Christmas Crackers. Solvents and Cleaners. Compressed Air & Gas Cylinders. Diesel, Fuel & Gasoline. Dry Ice Fire Extinguishers. Fireworks. Hair Curlers. Helium. Infectious Substances. Insecticides. Life Jackets. Liquid Bleach & Chlorine. Liquid Bleach & Chlorine. Nail Varnish. Paint & Turpentine Pepper Spray. Perfume & Aftershave. Radioactive Material. Safety Matches. Seat Belts. Thermometer.