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Vehicle shipping

VEHICLE details

When requesting for a quote please provide the following information:

Registration Number
Engine Number
Chassis Number

For Trucks

Pick the one that best suits the size of your truck
Rigid Truck /Van under 8 metres long (unladen)
Rigid Truck 8-10 metres long (unladen)
Rigid Truck 10-12 metres long (unladen)
Rigid Truck 12-14 metres long (unladen)
Rigid Vehicle 14-16 metres long (unladen)
If your truck is loaded with another empty vehicle there will be a surcharge of £550+ depending on how many vehicles are loaded. £200 per vehicle for each additional loaded empty vehicle


Cargo must be driveable with fully operative brakes and steering and enough fuel to enable unit to be driven on/off vessels If cargo requires towing on board, cargo must have a suitable tow-bar / hitch. Cargo must be marked with name of consignee, cargo description & ID and destination. Subject vessel, sailing schedule, space and equipment availability Except by prior arrangement, documents will only be released against cleared funds.
Excludes any insurance, export customs and any charges payable on arrival in Walvis Bay/Durban.

Price is based on weight and dimensions shown, should these alter price will be subject to amendment

Cargo will be measured upon receipt at load port and these measurements will be used for freighting

No pets or children allowed at the port

Main vehicle batteries:

 All batteries will be disconnected by the port on every main vehicle received in.

Please ensure that shippers know they must not cover the batteries with anything that they load.

For example Mercedes are an issue as they have batteries in the boot, so there can be no loaded items in the boot.

Similar with cars loaded onto truck heads. The wheels are sometimes resting on the cover for the batteries making it almost impossible to get to the


Stacked / Loaded vehicles batteries:

Please also ensure that batteries for stacked / loaded vehicles are disconnected before delivery to the port , if not done they will be refused shipment.

Batteries must be disconnected for all vehicles for safety on board the vessel during transit at sea.

New cargo will not be disconnected and is the only exception, all other cargo needs disconnection.

Loaded items / Personal effects:

NO hazardous, NO perishables, NO foodstuffs, NO fridges, fridge freezers, freezers of any kind, NO batteries loaded of any kind – these are all not permitted
No items are allowed near the driver, or on front passenger seat, must not be in the walk way and must be secure to ensure they do not move during transit
Items must not exceed height of the seats